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Gbesse specializes in the production of men's clothing. Consulting and product realization originate from the research of the latest trends associated with the purchase of the target customer.

The company supports its customers in all phases that precede the delivery of a finished garment.

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The story begins 30 years ago.

In a small workshop, in the shadow of Vesuvius, clothes were cut and sewed using researched Neapolitan tailoring techniques.

So this is how the first GBESSE production chain was born: from the passion.

Later, the research and the training of skilled tailors rooted in Neapolitan territory, allowed the creation of quality products quickly and at competitive prices on the market.

The first partnerships with companies in private label demanded and allowed the expansion and development of new skills such as modeling, logistics and marketing.

The Made in Italy of GBESSE, associated with the ability to maintain the tradition moving with the times, allowed the meeting with the European and Asian markets.

Create, Search and Designing New Trends.

All strictly Made in Italy.


GBESSE s.r.l.s.

Via Nappi, 64 - 80047 - S. Giuseppe Vesuviano (NA)
P.IVA: 08477151214


TEL: 333 612 5646


mail: info@gbesse.com

GBESSE s.r.l.s. - P.IVA: 08477151214